This was my first shot at winemaking after making some decent tasting apple cider. Turned out really good.

Started 5/12/17


2 gallons Water

8 lbs sugar

8.5 lbs rhubarb

1 tsp yeast nutrient

.75 tsp pectic enzyme (added after fertilization started)

I made this in my 5 gallon wine bucket but only made 3 gallons, liked to brew small back then.

Boiled water adding sugar and rhubarb for about 45 minutes or so. I think I was using frozen rhubarb. After the boil, I lined my 5 gallon bucket with mesh straining bag and put the pot into the ice bath to bring down temperature before poured its contents into the 5 gallon bucket. I tied the bag of fruit and covered the bucket so no fruitflies would get in and let it cool before adding the yeast. Then it’s off to a dark corner of my office for a week or so. Back when I did this recipe I boiled the fruits to kill off unwanted yeast and bacteria but now I use campden tablets.

Secondary Fermentation 6/4/17

Bottled 8/26/17

When bottling I added 3 tsp sugar to each gallon and added stabler.

First taste 11/12/17

Tastes great, although a little sweeter than I prefer.

For those who read this I omitted some of the more boring details, but if you are looking for step by step of wine make check out the millions of videos on YouTube, that’s how I learned. Good luck and have fun!