Last year I had a hell of a lot of rhubarb so I made an equal hell of a lot of wine.

First up!

Rhubarb Strawberry Wine

Started 6/4/17


2 lbs rhubarb

1 lbs Strawberries

1 gallon water

1 tsp yeast nutrient

.75 tsp pectic enzyme

Rhubarb Wine

3 lbs rhubarb

1 gallon water

1 tsp yeast nutrient

.75 tsp pectic enzyme

Boiled water adding sugar and rhubarb (strawberries) for about 45 minutes or so. After the boil, I lined my 2.5 gallon Mr. Beer barrel with mesh straining bag and put the pot into the ice bath to bring down temperature before poured its contents into the plastic barrel. I tied the bag of fruit and covered the barrel so no fruitflies would get in and let it cool before adding the yeast. Then it’s off to a dark corner of my office for a week or so. Like last time when I did this recipe I boiled the fruits to kill off unwanted yeast and bacteria but now I use campden tablets.

Secondary Fermentation 6/11/17

Bottled 8/26/17

Added 3 tsp sugar per gallon, also added stabilizer.

This made a really sweet but delicious wine.

For those who read this I omitted some of the more boring details, but if you are looking for step by step of wine make check out the millions of videos on YouTube, that’s how I learned. Good luck and have fun!

Update 7/22/18

Just popped open a bottle of Rhubarb Wine and the sugary taste has really mellowed out giving it a nice even flavor.

I would check happily check the flavor of the Rhubarb Strawberry Wine but that was gone months ago.