I know this is a little behind current comic events but I just had to write about how awesome the story arc was in X-men Schism. First off it focused on the core differences between Cyclops and Wolverine that had been brewing since Giant SizedĀ  X-Men #1… Okay so maybe not that long ago, but they finally had it out. This is what should have happened in that third craptacular X-Men movie. Wolverine and Cyclops give it hell (no holds barred) but when it comes down to it realize they need to put their differences aside to get the job done. They literally beat the living crap out of each other and at the final second when the Sentinel strikes they just ignore it and continue the ass kickings until the absolute last second and then team up to destroy the enemy.

Awesome story with an interesting outcome.

My one complaint is Wolverine and the X-Men? WTF?

No Cyclops and the X-Men?