Here are Inktober drawings, days 15-28. Can’t believe it’s almost over.

Inktober Day 15! Shadow Weaver from the 80’s She-Ra series. I really like the new design from the netflix series, can’t wait to watch it.

Inktober Day 16! Horde Trooper, Hordaks evil robot army. Just as cool looking as a Foot Soldier and just as incompetent.

Inktober Day 17! Mantenna, evil spy with the pop-out eyes ? This guy was super fun to draw.

Inktober Day 18! Grizzlor, hairy henchman Of The Evil Horde.

Inktober Day 19! Scarecrow from Batman The Animated Series, done in Funko Pop style.

Inktober Day 20! Funko Pop style Doctor Who.

Inktober Day 21! Man-E-Faces, heroic human… robot… monster.

Inktober Day 22! Used Ghostbusters World for the first time today and felt like drawing Slimer. Fun game so far!

Inktober Day 23! Reimagined Wingnut & Screwloose from TMNT.

Inktober Day 24! Mutagen Man from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Love drawing creepy weird TMNT characters.

Inktober Day 25! Spider-Man vs Venom! I don’t think I have drawn either of these two in years, forgot how fun it is.

Inktober Day 26! Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters.

Inktober Day 27! Rorschach, Nite Owl, and Silk Spector from the Watchmen. Still one of my top 3 favorite comic book movies.

Inktober Day 28! Man-At-Arms meets He-Man. Always loved this scene in the mini-comic, but to me, it looked like Man-At-Arms was wearing goggles so that is the way I drew it.