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Latest Comic: Let’s Just Be Foes (issue 2, page 24)


Let’s Just Be Foes (issue 2, page 24) Writer: Alex Stone, Artist: Nathan Kroll

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Sailor Moon (Remix)

By NatekSunday - January 10th, 2016Categories: Blog

A friend was talking about watching the old Doom Tree Saga and I just had to draw Sailor Moon:D

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All New Old X-Men

By NatekMonday - January 4th, 2016Categories: Blog

I have been reading a lot of All New X-Men so of course I had to do a picture. Also wanted to mix up the position, Angel on the ground, Marvel Girl center, and Cyclops in an almost Beast pose. Thanks:D

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By NatekSunday - December 27th, 2015Categories: Blog

Sketch of Apocalypse from X-Men. Always think of voice from 90’s X-Men cartoon voice.

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He-Man meets The Goddess

By NatekTuesday - November 24th, 2015Categories: Blog

My take on the frame from the classic Masters of the Universe mini comic. Always fun to draw He-Man:D

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Beak Time Sketches!

By NatekWednesday - November 4th, 2015Categories: Blog

Just some quick sketches I do on break in the mini notebook that I carry around at work. I suppose I could get a mini sketchbook so I wouldn’t have lines, but this way I can just draw and not worry about it looking good enough for expensive paper. In other words I am just having fun.




cyclops Eyes JeanGrey Lady Batman

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Teela’s Quest

By NatekWednesday - October 14th, 2015Categories: Blog


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Slash

By NatekSunday - September 20th, 2015Categories: Blog

Always loved Slash, The Evil Turtle From Dimension X.

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He-Man I Have The Power

By NatekMonday - September 14th, 2015Categories: Blog

Always love drawing characters from Masters of the Universe. Favorite cartoon ever.

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Harry Potter

By NatekSaturday - September 12th, 2015Categories: Blog

Finally got around to listening to the Harry Potter audio books and I was inspired to draw. Unfortunately I am at the mercy of the online library so I am waiting for book 3 or I would have probably read the entire set months ago. Worth the wait, though.

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By NatekMonday - May 18th, 2015Categories: Uncategorized

The Mighty AVENGERS! Black Widow, Hulk, and Hawkeye

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